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Is the Chaos of life running you over?

“This book is dead on with how busy women get sucked into chaos.  Christy’s 7 strategies to shift from chaos to calm are practical, easy to implement, and presented in a thoroughly entertaining and relatable way.”

– Christina Tracy Stein, co-author of Kiss That Frog!
12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work

Perfect Book Club Book or Topic for Women’s Group Presentation

• Book Club questions provided in back of book • My mission is to help as many busy women as possible shift Life from Chaos to Calm therefore; I will Skype with your Book club for 30 minutes FREE • Contact me to schedule Skype Time or to Schedule a Presentation

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Live Life Beyond the Laundry focuses on helping busy women learn to manage all life’s responsibilities so they have more time and energy for what’s really important.  Family – Friends – Themselves –Aim to increase your work/life balance and lead a life filled with joy, happiness and success. This book will guide you to improve the quality of your life by recapturing the focus and fun lost by the speed and chaos of your day to day activities. Learn to shift your life from chaos to calm.

Live Life Beyond the Laundry shows you how to get focused, organized and have more time each day.  This book includes practical strategies to:


  •  Create “Me” Time
  • Learn to say “No”
  • Create a Balancing Act
  • Beat Procrastination
  • Reduce the feeling of guilt and overwhelm

Achieve what most busy women only dream of – increasing work/ life balance and truly enjoy life.   Life was meant to be enjoyed not tolerated.

Living Life Beyond the Laundry = Balancing Life.  

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