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 “Christy delivers training and coaching in a dynamic and engaging style that motivates people to take immediate action.    Her energetic and practical style inspires people to see all that is possible in business and life.  She has a unique ability to find just the right story to create understanding.  I highly recommend Christy for training and coaching.”

John Eggen  – Founder and Creator of Book Publishing Programs for Independent Professionals

Discovering your W.H.Y.

Do you have a professional or personal goal or dream you just have not been able to achieve?  The key to reaching this dream is reframing your mind by discovering your W.H.Y.

During this session, learn 3 powerful principles to inspire you to create the positive change you desire in life.  In this interactive session, Christy will share with you how to:

  • Identify the change you want to create. The result… a happy fulfilling life.
  • Create a plan to push through life’s obstacles and challenges.
  • Find the motivation and inspiration to make positive change happen.


Power Up Time Management- Get More Done in Less Time

What would you do with an extra 100 minutes each day? This presentation highlights 3 time tested strategies to get more done in less time by dividing and conquering the day.  This will set you and your work team up for success.  Each participant will leave this session with an action plan to increase daily productivity and time management. Simply put –it’s time management that works. The end result is a highly motivated work team with more time and energy for customers.