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John Eggen  

“Christy delivers training and coaching in a dynamic and engaging style that motivates people to take immediate action.    Her energetic and practical style inspires people to see all that is possible in business and life.  She John Eggenhas a unique ability to find just the right story to create understanding.  I highly recommend Christy for training and coaching.”


Founder and Creator of Book Publishing Programs for Independent Professionals


Cynthia B.

I have known Christy as a colleague and as a Coach. Christy worked as a trainer with Wenger Corp. and I have always held her up as one of the best trainers I have encountered. As a personal and career coach, Christy has supported me through an exciting career transition. The tools she offers are easily incorporated into my daily life and her perspective is valuable. Christy is a consummate professional and the passion she feels for her work is palpable.

 Letti Zenner

Christy’s life coaching has been very beneficial to me. She’s a great listener who offers excellent solutions for time management, organizing (both personal and professional) and business development. I recently moved and was under a lot of stress and found that her life coaching helped me keep things in balance and to quote Christy actually “slow down to move faster”. Christy has helped me develop several “tools” to use in my business in the form of templates, contracts and developing pricing packages for my services. She is a fun and delightful person who I instantly felt “at ease” with. Every session was followed up with an email summary of the session – this has been a great reference for me. Christy is very organized, great at problem solving and has a talent for being able to “cut to the chase” and simplify a process. I highly endorse Christy and am grateful to her for the coaching services she’s offered me, she definitely helped me simplify things and achieve more balance in my life.

Anne Miller
“We had Christy in to work with us on the ‘Power of Teamwork.’ The session was both eye opening and enjoyable. Christy kept everyone engaged with small group breakout sessions while working through topics including the Power of Communication, the Power of a Positive Attitude, and the Power of 1 Extra Degree. Through this training session our team was able to see each other in a new way, getting through some of the communication stumbling blocks of the past and focusing on how to work as a cohesive unit. I would highly recommend Christy as a trainer due to her professionalism, her ability to keep everyone focused and engaged, while keeping the subject matter succinct and practical.”

Beth G.
Christy has worked with our staff on team building and personal growth initiatives that have increased our understanding of each other, comminucate with each other more effectively and create a healthier work environment. This helps us better serve our patients and fulfill our mission.

Tami Enfield
I can’t say enough good things about Christy and Simply Balanced Coaching. I have been a client of hers for almost 1 year and since talking with her about my goals I have started a business of my own and have put a lot of her tips/life management techniques to the test. She is knowledgeable and easy to connect with. I will remain a client of hers for years to come! Thank you for all you do Christy!

Doreen Johnson
“I hired Christy as a coach and was impressed by her ability to get right to the heart of the matter. She is adept at seeing what gets in the way of progress and helping identify a relevant and effective solution to advance. Christy creates a supportive and firm approach to accountability so that her clients are able to set and reach their goals and intentions. She has a wonderful sense of humor that also makes the coaching process enjoyable. I highly recommend Christy as a coach.”