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Training Packages

Power Up Teamwork by Focusing on Strengths

What really makes your team unique?   Learn about your individual unique strengths as well as the unique strengths of your team.  This training provides a solid foundation for learning techniques and strategies to enhance teamwork, communication and productivity within your organization.    The end result….increased profits, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.   When you really think about it . . . a strong, cohesive team will catapult your company from good to great.  (This presentation includes Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment)

Power up  Customer Service from the Inside Out

Companies spend thousands of dollars increasing “external” customer service, however how much is actually spent on “internal” customer service?    To increase productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction companies must also focus on “internal” customer service.  During this session you will learn 3 key steps to creating excellent “internal” customer service.    When you really think about it . . . satisfied internal customers will better service our external customers, thus leading to repeat business and increased sales for our organizations.

Power Up Communication for Different Generations

Did you know this is the first time in history we have 4 generations in the workplace?  This highly interactive training is designed to teach participants how to effectively communicate with employees and customers from different generations. It is tailored specifically to discuss the communication differences between generations and how to create a powerful team environment by learning three essential communication techniques; asking powerful questions, listening and setting clear expectations.

Power Up Time Management
Get More Done in Less Time

What would you do with an extra 100 minutes each day? This presentation highlights 3 time tested strategies to get more done in less time by dividing and conquering the day.  This will set you and your work team up for success.  Each participant will leave this session with an action plan to increase daily productivity and time management. Simply put –it’s time management that works. The end result is a highly motivated work team with more time and energy for customers.

Power Up Email Efficiency

Has your day been hijacked by email?  This training includes tools and techniques to increase email efficiency.  Studies indicate when email efficiency is implemented, your staff will decrease time spent on email by 20% and increase email quality by 35%.  This training includes guidelines on; email etiquette, how to create effective emails and when email may not be the best form of communication.  Each participant will leave training with a job aide and guidelines to create consistency in the office and with customers.

Power Up Life
3 Strategies to Shift Life From Chaos To Calm

Did you know that life was meant to be enjoyed not tolerated.  Learn 3 strategies to simplify life.  Divide and conquer the day, and set yourself up for success?  Participants will leave class with an individualized action plan to increase work/life balance and happiness.  The end result, more time and energy for family, friends and themselves.   Take life from Chaos to Calm and begin living life to the fullest.